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I don’t know if it’s the sentimental shit in me, but I think it’s reason for my sadness. I haven’t learnt yet the art of hiding sadness, so everybody is asking the reason for my ” :( ” face. I wish i could tell. I know, I’m always sorry because always I go to the yelling place. I only have myself to blame. There are many steroids running through my body right now and I’m afraid of being turned into the Incredible Hulk.  Sometimes I’m not able to figure out how difficult it is to be me, because It’s exhausting being me. I’m here, because I care about my impossible dreams. I know it. I feel it. I always support it unconditionally. I don’t have a back up plan, and I don’t want to waste my ingenue eligibility. I need a break, want to spend some time with my family.


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