This was the thing since I have met you, if we never see each other again and one day I feel a certain presence. The day I saw you, i felt the cloud begin to lift a litil bit. May be I was quite wrong about destiny thinking that it's the bridge we build o the one we love the most. Anyways I hope that I've healed during the years apart, and I'm sitting with you while you read this. But if I'm not, it's not because I don't love you, It's because I do, and I do miss you a lot. This doesn't mean that I'm not better and the story ain't just over yet. May be the reason is we just live in the physical world we can just touch, or we do live in the world that we create with our heart. As for the question of my destiny all I know is that even when destiny wants to accomplish something, it can't do it alone. I still have to go to the place and show up and wait the hours you have waited for me, so that I can build a bridge to you. With a hope, a never ending hope. May be that's why human beings exists to save from ourselves. It would be almost like it wasn't over and the pain would stop.